SharpSvn Snapshots

The SharpSvn project provides frequent builds of the current development tree. These versions are not always fully tested at the time of release, but may contain relevant bugfixes that are not in released versions yet. All builds available here have completed our testsuite and are generally good enough for production use.

The SharpSvn binaries were designed to allow full side by side usage, so it is no problem to have different versions loaded side-by-side in the same application. In general it is recommended to run a SharpSvn based on the last Subversion release of a specific branch as this has the latest bugfixes at this level. SharpSvn only adds a tiny wrapping layer above Subversion and its dependencies.

When you report problems with these builds, please report those issues with the exact version. The version you might call "latest" might already be outdated after you've downloaded it.

A final note: All these binaries are now also easily available via NuGet.