SharpSvn-Daily Update - 1.9007.3987.251

The SharpSvn project provides frequent builds of the current development tree. These versions are not fully tested, but may contain bugfixes (and new bugs) that are not in released versions. If you are testing these daily builds (Thanks!) and find issues in it, please report those issues with the exact version.

The latest daily build is SharpSvn-1.9007.3987.251.

The build script also supplies an x64 version of this Win32 build and a package of all binaries with some extras.

You can find older daily releases in the daily folder of documents & files. The previous version of this report is still available in our Subversion Repository.

Published daily builds will be available for at least a month after they are build.

Recent changes

[r3984] markusschabersrc/SharpSvn: SvnClientContext.cpp
Add a " --" to the default ssh command line, in analogy to the mitigation for CVE-2017-9800 which was applied upstream to SVN itself.
[r3983] rhuijbensrc/SharpSvn: SvnAbortHandler.cpp
Fix a crash during initialization on setting the dll failure hook when compiling with Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 and later (including VS2017), by applying the recommended workaround. This might need some further testing but at least the crash is away now.
Our buildbot builds using VS2008 and VS2010 so is unaffected.
[r3973] rhuijbensrc/SharpPlink: sharpplink-ex.h
Add inline workaround for missing intrinsic in VS2008.
[r3972] rhuijbensrc/SharpPlink: SharpPlink.vcproj
Update VS2008 project of SharpPlink with missing files.
[r3966] rhuijbensrc/SharpPlink: SharpPlink.vcxproj, SharpPlink.vcxproj.filters, sharpplink-ex.h
Apply forced header-based fix for compiling with older VS versions to work around problem in recent security fix in putty.