Writing Log Messages

Writing Log Messages

We maintain a uniform style for commit messages in the SharpSVN repository. When submitting a patch, please include a log message in your email, following these guidelines:

At the top, write a brief summary of the intent of the commit - for example, what the commit does. Follow that with a blank line.

For each file affected by the commit, write an asterisk followed by a space followed by the path to the file. Under that, list each method changed in the file, indented by two spaces and enclosed in parentheses, and write a short comment as to what changed in this method. These comments should be full sentences.

The log message from r1367 is a good example:

Create a submenu on the Tools menu named "SharpSVN".

* src/SharpSvn/SvnClient.h
(GetRevisionProperty): Added extra argument check
Writing good log message is very important to the project.