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 Subversion 1.8 (recommended)   1.8009.3299 (1.8.9) SharpSvn [x86], [x64] or [full-package].
Subversion 1.7 (legacy)   1.7017.3288 (1.7.17) SharpSvn [x86], [x64] or [full-package].
Subversion 1.6 (unsupported)   1.6017.1999 (1.6.17) SharpSvn [x86], [x64] or [full-package].

The latest snapshots and a list of recent updates are available for Subversion 1.7, Subversion 1.8 and Subversion 1.9 (experimental).

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Documentation and Wiki FAQ

The SharpSvn documentation has not been moved to openCollabNet yet but you can find it here.

This project includes a Wiki where the project members and the SharpSvn community can collaborate and share transitional documentation with each other. See the Wiki for Frequently Asked Questions.