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SharpSvn FAQ

This is the complete FAQ for SharpSvn. We have used our Wiki for this FAQ so that it is easy for you to help us maintain the contents of this FAQ. You only have to be a logged in project member to use the Wiki. There should be an Edit this page link displayed above.

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Common Problems

My SvnLogEventArgs contains many null values after my eventhandler completed

SharpSvn marshals only the values you really need to managed code. After the eventhandler completes the passed values which are not used are no longer available.

The solution is to call .Detach() on the SvnListEventArgs object. This copies all values to managed code and makes sure all values are still available after the eventhandler finishes.

As an extra bonus the EventArgs object is documented to be Thread-Safe after you call .Detach(). The GetLog() method does this automatically for you.

DLL not found when running SharpSvn on a user PC

SharpSvn contains all requirements and is only linked to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1+KB973544 runtime. You can download this version as standalone setup, or include the merge modules in your own setup like we do in AnkhSVN.

Please note: You must have the SP1 runtime. The 2005 RTM version won't work.

Why is SharpSvn Slow when I use it in a webservice

See this thread on the user discussion forum or this post for an explanation why you might see an error or slowdown when using SharpSvn via ASP.NET, or other services that impersonate a user without a full profile.

Subversion tries to determine the users AppData directory, and this call seems is very slow, or gives an error inside a webservice as the user hive of the registry is not loaded there.

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